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In-company training course – Companies located in Europe

Quote 1-3 participants: € 2500,-
Quote 3-6 participants: € 3500,-
Quote 7-12 participants: € 4500,-

Duration: 2 days classroom training
(Optional) Scrum Product Owner exam: € 250,-

Our experienced trainers visit your company and provides the training at your company’s location. Please contact IT Management Group for more information and planning if you wish to conduct this training course on-site at your company. If your company is located outside Europe please contact IT Management Group for a quote and any other information.

The price excludes optional VAT and includes all costs for training materials. Costs for the location, lunch, coffee and tea are not included as we expect the company to provide the location, lunch, coffee and tea.

Open Enrollment Schedule – Classroom training courses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: € 800,-

Duration: 2 days classroom training
(Optional) Scrum Product Owner exam: € 250,-The open enrollment training courses take place at our beautiful training location in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The price excludes optional VAT and parking costs and includes all costs for training materials, location, lunch, coffee and tea.

The following dates are available:

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This two-day Professional Scrum Product Owner training (PSPO I) prepares you for the official exam of Scrum is a framework for Agile management of software development. Scrum work in multidisciplinary teams that deliver working software in short sprints (iterations). Collaboration, communication and team spirit are the keywords here. This training specifically addresses the role of the Product Owner and teaches you how to maximize Return On Investment (ROI) and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your software products and systems.
This training is characterized by theory immediately followed by practical assignments so that the theory can immediately be applied in practice. You learn to optimize the value of the current systems and how to order requirements to be able to respond even better to changing insights in the market, among other things. This scrum training will teach you the techniques and principles to successfully fulfill the role of Product Owner!

Your profile
This training is suitable for everyone who is involved in software development, but is also suitable for professionals who intend to take on the role of Product Owner within an organization. The target group therefore includes Product Managers, IT Development Managers, Project Managers and Team Leaders with responsibility for the delivery of a product or service from the concept to the end users.

Professional and practical
In this professional and practice-oriented Professional Scrum Product Owner training the following topics are covered:

• Scrum framework & principles: what is scrum and what are the core principles?
• Scrum roles, scrum events and scrum artifacts: how is scrum built up, and how does the framework look content?
• Value Driven Development: adding value for our customer is key in scrum, why is this so and how can you deal with this?
• Product Management: how does the product lifecycle fit into the scrum framework?
• Managing Requirements: how do you manage and prioritize changing requirements?
• Planning Releases / Lean Planning: how do you deal with your planning, because scrum has no long-term planning?

The official language of the Professional Scrum Product Owner training (PSPO I) is English. The material for the training (training material and e-book) is in English.

To be optimally prepared for this training, we advise you to go through the scrum guide ( before the training. No specific prior knowledge is required. It is desirable that the participant has some knowledge of product development, product management and the drafting of software requirements and acceptance criteria.

Training duration and costs
The Professional Scrum Product Owner training lasts 2 days. The costs for the training are € 800, -. This price includes teaching materials, coffee, tea and lunch and excluding examination fees and VAT. The exam fee is € 250, – excl. VAT. The exam is taken online in English. The exam lasts 60 minutes and involves 80 multiple choice questions. The exam is not taken immediately after the second training day, but can be taken at a time of your choice. If you wish, the IT Management Group can request the exam for you. It is also possible that you apply for the exam yourself at, then you save administrative costs.

Teachers and locations
The IT Management Group only works with the best teachers. Open registration courses are given at a central and high-quality location in Amsterdam. In-company training can be provided at any desired location.

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