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In-company training course – Companies located in Europe

Quote 1-3 participants: € 2500,-
Quote 3-6 participants: € 3500,-
Quote 7-12 participants: € 4500,-

Duration: 2 days classroom training.
(Optional) DevOps Professional exam € 300,-

Our experienced trainers visit your company and provides the training at your company’s location. Please contact IT Management Group for more information and planning if you wish to conduct this training course on-site at your company. If your company is located outside Europe please contact IT Management Group for a quote and any other information.

The price excludes optional VAT and includes all costs for training materials. Costs for the location, lunch, coffee and tea are not included as we expect the company to provide the location, lunch, coffee and tea.

Open Enrollment Schedule – Classroom training courses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: € 1000,-

Duration: 2 days classroom training.
(Optional) DevOps Professional exam € 300,-

The open enrollment training courses take place at our beautiful training location in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The price excludes optional VAT and parking costs and includes all costs for training materials, location, lunch, coffee and tea.

The following dates are available:

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The developments in the area of ​​system development and management follow each other very quickly. The cooperation between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) in the form of DevOps is already a fact at most organizations or is being seriously considered.
Entering DevOps is no sinecure. It must be carefully considered. A widely used book that provides solace is the DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim et al. Exin has chosen this book to base the DevOps Professional exam. This training is also based on the contents of this book and leads to the Exin exam of the same name.
The training DevOps Professional gives you insight into DevOps in 2 days at Practitioner level. Following the training you have the option of taking the Exin certified exam DevOps Professional.

Your profile
You work as a Software developer, Website Developer, System Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Product or Service Owner, Project Manager, Test Engineer, Support employee, Operator, Process Manager, Lean IT Professionals or Agile Scrum practitioners in an organization that wants to design DevOps and / or want to develop further.
You have extensive experience in the field of service management and project management and have successfully passed the DevOps Foundation exam from IT Management Group. This two-day training is ideally suited to prepare you for the specific knowledge and skills needed to put a DevOps

Professional and practical
In this professional and practice-oriented training, the DevOps theory is supported, supported by examples from practice. The following topics are covered in this professional and practice-oriented training:
0. Introduction
1. DevOps Adoption
1.1 Basic concepts of Devops Technical debt, work in progress, ongoing delivery.
1.2 What does the Principles of the three ways mean?
1.3 Which organization type types come for and which competency profiles are needed?

2. The first way
2.1 What are the implementation pipeline problems to solve?
2.2 In what way is it possible to automate?
2.3 Which way of branching is best suited to continuous integration?
2.4 How can a release be carried out with the softest possible benefits?

3. The second way
3.1 In what way can insight be gained into the value stream?
3.2 What are feature switches, guidelines for the guidance and readiness assessments?
3.3 How does ‘hypothesis driven development’ and ‘A / B testing’ work?
3.4 What is a ‘pull-request process’ and which review techniques can be applied?

4. The third way
4.1 What are the Simian Army monkeys, ‘impeccable post mortem’ and ‘game days’?
4.2 How can operations become user stories to share knowledge?

5. Information security and change management
5.1 How do I integrate security into the deployment pipeline, development and the application?
5.2 What change should change management be made suitable for DevOps?

Training duration and costs
The training lasts two days. The costs for the training are € 1000, -. This price includes the Exinstand literature, including the book “DevOps Best Practices”, digital material, coffee, tea and lunch and excluding exam costs and VAT.

Exam DevOps Professional
The costs for the DevOps Professional exam are € 300, -.

DevOps Master
The training DevOps Professional is ideally suited as preparation for EXIN DevOps Master training.

Teachers and locations
The IT Management Group only works with the best teachers. Open registration courses are given at a central and high-quality location in Amsterdam. In-company training can be provided at any desired location.

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