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In-company training course – Companies located in Europe

Quote 1-3 participants: € 3300,-
Quote 3-6 participants: € 4300,-
Quote 7-12 participants: € 5300,-

Duration: 3 days classroom training.
(Optional) DevOps master exam € 250,-

Our experienced trainers visit your company and provides the training at your company’s location. Please contact IT Management Group for more information and planning if you wish to conduct this training course on-site at your company. If your company is located outside Europe please contact IT Management Group for a quote and any other information.

The price excludes optional VAT and includes all costs for training materials. Costs for the location, lunch, coffee and tea are not included as we expect the company to provide the location, lunch, coffee and tea.

Open Enrollment Schedule – Classroom training courses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: € 2400,-

Duration: 3 days classroom training.
(Optional) DevOps master exam € 250,-

The open enrollment training courses take place at our beautiful training location in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The price excludes optional VAT and parking costs and includes all costs for training materials, location, lunch, coffee and tea.

The following dates are available:

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In recent years, many organizations have experienced the benefits of applying Agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban. The software is delivered faster and the quality increases, while the costs go down. A major drawback is that the Agile development is at odds with the traditional management organization, both in terms of information management, application management and infrastructure management. This is mainly because the management organization is unable to meet the flexibility requirements of the Agile developers. But a much more important reason is that the gap between development and management has become much greater. The Agile culture of speed, communication and cooperation is at odds with that of the traditional control-based management organization. The consequence is that the development teams deliver software quickly but can not quickly take production.

This problem requires a fundamental change in the way of collaboration that has been found in the Dev (Development) Ops (Operations) solution. Both worlds are merged into one team, sharing knowledge and expertise and coordinating working methods. This has major consequences for the way in which the management processes must be set up. The advantage, however, is a high degree of control with a high time to market. This training course discusses how the DevOps approach works and gives many practical tips.

The DevOps Master training gives you insight in DevOps in two days at Master level, combined with the knowledge about the DevOps practice. Then there is a DevOps game called “The Phoenix Game”. This game lasts one day. During this day you will put the learned knowledge into practice. After the training and the game you are prepared by Exin certified exam DevOpsMaster.

Your profile
You work as a specialist or manager in an organization that wants to shape and / or develop DevOps. You have extensive experience in the field of service management and project management and have successfully passed the DevOps Foundation training.

Professional and practical
this professional and practice-oriented training addresses the DevOps theory, supported by examples from practice. The following topics are covered in this professional and practice-oriented training:

1. DevOps Application
1.1 DevOps mindset and benefits
1.2 Organizational culture
1.3 DevOps principles and concepts

2. Planning, Requirements and Design
2.1 Application or service lifecycle management
2.2 Project charter (defining the scope) and visual control
2.3 Infrastructure and architectural design
2.4 Service level requirements and service level agreements
2.5 Enter a test strategy

3. Development and deployment
3.1 Continuous delivery (continuous delivery) and continuous integration (continuous integration)
3.2 Deployment Pipeline (Roll-out pipeline)
3.3 Continuous deployment
3.4 Ji-Kotei-Kanketsu (JKK), rhythm, Work-in-Progress (WiP) and one-piece-flow
3.5 Automation, tools and testing

4. Operations and scales
4. 1 Data management; infrastructure and environments; and components and dependencies
4.2 Configuration management and version management
4.3 Cloud and unchangeable infrastructure
4.4 Business continuity
4.5 Scaling

5. Phase out
5.1 Conditions for phasing out a product or service

Training duration and costs
The training lasts three days. The costs for the training are € 2400, -. This price includes the booking, digital material, coffee, tea and lunch and excluding VAT.

Exam DevOps Master
The costs for the Exin certified exam DevOpsMaster are € 250, -.

required knowledge
Knowledge at the DevOps Foundation level is recommended but is not a formal obligation for the training and the exam.

Teachers and locations
The IT Management Group only works with the best teachers. Open registration courses are given at a central and high-quality location in Amsterdam. In-company training can be provided at any desired location.

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