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In-company training course – Companies located in Europe

Quote 1-3 participants: € 2500,-
Quote 3-6 participants: € 3500,-
Quote 7-12 participants: € 4500,-

Duration: 2 days classroom training
(Optional) Agile Scrum Foundation exam: € 200,-

Our experienced trainers visit your company and provides the training at your company’s location. Please contact IT Management Group for more information and planning if you wish to conduct this training course on-site at your company. If your company is located outside Europe please contact IT Management Group for a quote and any other information.

The price excludes optional VAT and includes all costs for training materials. Costs for the location, lunch, coffee and tea are not included as we expect the company to provide the location, lunch, coffee and tea.

Open Enrollment Schedule – Classroom training courses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: € 800,-

Duration: 2 days classroom training
(Optional) Agile Scrum Foundation exam: € 200,-
The open enrollment training courses take place at our beautiful training location in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The price excludes optional VAT and parking costs and includes all costs for training materials, location, lunch, coffee and tea.

The following dates are available:

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More and more organizations are in need of flexibilization of their project. Agile gives substance to this. An example of this is Scrum. By working in short strokes to realize that which is most important for the customer the chance decreases that a project will fail or that nothing will be delivered. Putting people at the center of the development process and eliminating overhead ensures that more and more often organizations use scrum to make their innovation more efficient and effective.

In 2 days the Agile Scrum Foundation training gives you insight in Agile Scrum at Foundation level, combined with the knowledge about the scrum practice. Following the training Agile Scrum Foundation, you have the opportunity to take the EXIN certified Agile Scrum Foundation exam.

Your profile
The terms Agile and Scrum can not be ignored nowadays. The introduction Agile Scrum is therefore suitable for anyone working in IT in the field of system development, management or operation. This two-day training is ideal for anyone who wants to become familiar with Agile Scrum at Foundation level. After completing the Agile Scrum Foundation training you can further develop in the field of Agile Service Management, Agile Project Management and Agile Test

Professional and practical
In this professional and practice-oriented training, the theory of Agile Scrum is explaind, supported by examples from practice. The following topics are covered in this professional and practice-oriented training:

1. Introduction Agile and Scrum;
2. Scrum methods;
3. Scrum planning;
4. Monitor scrum projects;
5. Advanced Scrum concepts;
6. Exam training.

The road to value of Scrum consists of the following phases:

A product is only developed when it is clear how it fulfills the strategy of the organization.
The ITIL Foundation training course includes exercises, practical tasks and examples of certification exam questions.

Product roadmap:
Based on the established vision, the functionality (features) is mapped and provided with a priority. This provides a basis for drawing up a roadmap where groups of features (releases) are plotted on a timeline. This plan only describes the functionality, quality and time aspects in large chunks (themes and features).

Release plan:
The next release is planned on the basis of dividing this release into sprints of equal length. Here the features of the release are translated into (epic) user stories that define in concrete terms what needs to be realized.

Sprint plan:
This plan includes the work supply for the development team. To this end, the user stories with the highest priority are translated into tasks.

Daily scrum:
The developers come together every day to tell what they did yesterday, what they will do today and where possible obstacles (impediments).

Sprint review:
A working product is demonstrated per sprint to the product owner and the stakeholders.

Sprint retrospective:
A sprint closes with evaluating the development process to learn lessons for the next sprint.

Training duration and costs:
The training lasts two days. The costs for the training are € 800, -. This price includes teaching material, coffee, tea and lunch and excluding VAT.

Exam Agile Scrum Foundation:
The costs for the Agile Scrum Foundation exam are € 200, -. These costs include the e-book, digital material and sample exams and excluding VAT. The exam is taken immediately after the second training day on location. The exam is available in Dutch and English.

The IT Management Group only works with the best teachers.

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