IT Staffing

Do you want to temporarily strengthen your organization with one of our professionals? Then we are happy to assist you. The IT Management Group works with talented, experienced IT professionals who can count on the support of their colleagues. As a customer, you can always rely on the strength, knowledge and expertise of a team of well-matched professionals who work together for the benefit of your organization.

The IT Management Group delivers tailor-made solutions that fits your situation. Are you curious about the costs? Please ask for a cost indication.

ITMG Specialists

IT Management Group delivers professionals in the field of IT Management, Project Management, IT Architecture, Test Management, Agile and Scrum and DevOps and Security. Below some disciplines are mentioned:

IT Architects (Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, IT Architect, Management Architect)
IT Management Professionals (IT Manager, IT Auditor, Service Manager, Service Level Manager, Functional Manager)
Project Management Professionals (Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Project Support)
Test Specialists (Test Coordinator, Test Manager, Test Officer, Test Engineer, Test Master)

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